Incubator / Accelerator Management Tool

Application Form

Create continutity between all applicants and eliminate unnecessary manual touches and sorting of information

Create customizable templates for each participant while providing a safe space for document management. Integrated internal and external communication tools provide opportunity to create constant contact with each particpant.

Applicant Assessment

Simplify the application screening and selection process

Select, screen, and rate applicants through customizable criteria while providing an open feedback loop to applicants and assessors. Segmenting applicants (go/pending/no-go) provides the expedited narrowing of viable candidates.

Event Marketplace

(Outward facing) Aggregate view of event/company/fund portfolio

Direct all invited parties to a custom landing page for pre-event research. Invite participants to identify deals and begin fact finding to advance the conversation during an event. Searchable investment criteria provides investors the opportuinty to find specific deal types based on their own investment criteria. Custom landing page and URL provides branding visibility. Marketplace tracking and analysis give you insight as to which deals are recieving the most traction.


Deal Book Standardization

Continuity creates confidence!

We will work with you to create customizable templates and establish the framework for your managed deals. Each participant will use your template so that your investors can always review the information in the same order/format/viewpoint.