EDO Search & Site Selection

Macro Level Research

Quickly research and understand unfamiliar markets
Save time researching macro level economic factors affecting cites and states. Quickly analyze trends in demographics, employment, housing, and foreign direct investment. EDO search aggregates data from a variety of public and private sources into a simple-to-use format that allows for side-by-side comparisons.

Site Selection Research

One-stop shop for research and comparitive analysis
Speed the site selection process by quickly identifying suitable areas for expansion. Get matched to the cities and towns that are eager to win your business. Easily compare sites side-by-side and analyse the true financial impact of economic incentives. Use market intelligence to deliver maximum ROI from corporate location decisions.

Economic Incentives

Identify, Research, & Apply
EDO Search simplifies the task of identifying available economic incentives and comparing them against other potential sites . Be confident that you are maximizing all available economic incentives while managing the risks associated with opening new facilities.

Regional Marketplaces

Showcase the best opportunities your region has to offer in one place
Accelerate the pace of economic development by aggregating investment opportunities into regional marketplaces. Make it easy for investors to find the projects and business in your region that are seeking capital; from Public Private Partnerships to infrastructure projects; from greenfield sites to redevelopment opportunities.

3rd Party Data

Industry leading research
Harness the power of real-time data sourced by US Customs & Border Control to identify foreign companies with increasing cargo volumes and identify those that are top prospects for expansion. Locate companies best suited to take advantage of Foreign Trade Zones. Identify the names of actual suppliers that are already doing business in your region by sector or country of origin. Keep pulse on growth of companies in your region.