Focused Search

Identifying Investable Opportunities

Painlessly search for the latest deals in the hotest industries or focus your efforts on regions and industries that are that are important to you with our simple-to-use search tools. Can't find what you are looking for? Engage StageXchange to launch a private search across its vast network. 

Expedited Due Diligence

Save Time and Effort

Due Diligence is critical to any successful investment strategy. Due Diligence is an iterative process that is time consuming and sometime tedious. Opportunities presented on Digital Deal Books make it easier to spot red flags and eliminate unworthy candidates before too much time has been wasted. Integrated pro formas and one click sensitivity analysis make it easy to identify and test key assumptions. Embedded document storage allows for quick review of critical documents without downloading dozens of extraneous files. Integrated messaging makes it easy to ask questions or receive clarifications from deal owners. The interactive nature of Digital Deal Books allow you to focus on whatever aspect of the deal you are most interested.


Productive Meetings

Preliminarily Evaluate the Deal and then Meet with Good Fit Opportunities

Traditional slide decks require the owner to narrate the slides often forcing you into a unnecessary meeting. Digital Deal Books speak for themselves eliminating unnecessary meetings. Focus your time meeting with the "Right" deal owners in person or inside the platform.

Connecting Assumptions To Supporting Documents

Streamlined Due Diligence and Validated Assumptions

Commence due diligence immediately with a few clicks. Start testing key assumptions and reviewing supporting documentation without having to download hundreds of pages of documents.

Investor Relations

Keep up with the Deal and its progress real time by Integrating API’s.

After an investment has been made migrate the Deal over to your Portfolio and keep an eye on it real time with API connected dashboards right from the organization's systems. Consolidate on-going investment monitoring and reporting for all your investments into a single system of record. Ask us how to on-board investments you've already made outside the platorm.

Portfolio Dashboard

All your deals in one place

A common challenge in private equity investing is managing your portfolio. Stage's portfolio dashboard allows you to aggregate your entire portfolio into the platform giving you a consolidated view of your holdings. Quickly see how much capital you have committed, monitor key dates, and store critical documents.  

Final Review

On the Last Pass Easily Organize your Final Rounds of Decision Making

The Due Diligence checklist is complete, all the info you needed to make an informed timely decision is neatly assuembled before you. Now it’s time for you to make an informed deciscion to go/no go.